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G: Helluurrr and thank you for being the second GMIX! Can you introduce yourself?

JWY: Hi my name is Jowy aka JWY, I am dutch DJ based in A Dublin with Ghanaian, Surinam and Indian descent. I have been djing for about 2 years.


G: I always like to ask this, how did you start DJing and how is it going?

JWY: I started DJing by accident actually. I bumped into EMA one day when I was walking down the street with my bike and we started talking about bikes. She then proceeded to tell me that she is a DJ and part of an collective called skin and blisters which is a platform to nurture and encourage female identifying, trans and non binary creatives in the realm of music and arts. They were started free DJ workshops and I told her I always wanted to learn, but assumed it was too late, so she encouraged me to keep an eye out for the workshops. I attended the 4 day workshop and never thought I would actually do any gigs, but it kind of happened and then 1 by 1 more gigs popped up.

I am very happy with how it's going, because I've gotten very lucky with being able to open for others I have been looking up to for years as well as being able to share line ups with good friends that happen to be sick DJs themselves. It's been such a a unpredictable adventure! I'm excited to see what's next.


G:Can you talk a bit about FoxGluv, what is it and why did you create it? What's a line up you've been particularly proud of curating?

JWY: The reason I created FoxGluv is because I felt very inspired by collectives such as skin and blisters and gash collective and I wanted to give back as I was very fortunate to have been able to attend the workshop and meet a lot of talented creatives. Unfortunately alot of the creatives including myself had experienced some sort of sexism, racism, tokenism  and unfair pay etc and I wanted to create a space where they didn't have to worry about any of that. It was very important to me to create a space where they felt appreciated, welcomed and safe.


G: What are the challenges you have been facing lately both as a DJ and promoter?

JWY: I think it's hard sometimes to find a good balance, as grateful as I am for all the opportunities, I definitely noticed it's hard to keep up with regular life such a good sleeping schedule, eating well, to not drink too much, make time for socializing and wellbeing. 


G: In an ideal world, what’s the perfect party you’d like to be booked for?

JWY: It might sound very predictable, but it would be my dream to be able to have my own Boiler Room set purely because I think it would be a special moment. 



JWY: What made u decide to start this series?

G: To be honest, I needed a side project that involved my passions: writing & music :-) 

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